Masava Spray Patch forms a thin vapor-permeable (breathable) adhesive elastic and transparent film with the same properties as the skin. Masava Spray Patch lets the skin breathbut prevents bacteria, dirt and other dirt to enter the wound. Masava Spray Patch quickens healing of the wound.
Can be used on perfunctual burns, wounds, cuts, abrasions, vaccinations and the likes.
Can also be used as reinforcement of the skin of exposed areas.


Stop the bleeding and clean the wound. Spray Masava Spray Patch over the desired area from a distance of 15-20 cm. For better results sprayed repeatedly after the first layer is dry. Masava Spray Patch will be washed / worn of within a few days. To remove manually, you can use acetone

Product attributes

Physical State




Danger Symbol


pH concentrated


Specific gravity


Solubility in water



60 ml, spray