Asthma and Allergy labeled Duvet and Pillow detergent

Introducing the blue Asthma-Allergy label on MASAVA's Duvet & Pillow detergent.
Everyone needs to protect their skin from harsh and unnecessary chemicals.
At MASAVA Kemi we take care of both you and the environment.

Orange out, red and white in

Remember from June 1st, that all chemicals and cleaning detergents bearing the orange hazard symbols must be relabelled and have new safety data sheets to go with them. Please contact us if you need updated versions of both label and SDS. Alternatively, these products should be disposed of in accordance with the law. 

This years handicap award 2016 Svendborg was given to MASAVA Kemi for employing and creating jobs for people with reduced working capacity. We are very proud of our working staff. 

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Shampoo and lotion that removes bad smells

Introducing two new products; MASAVA Shampoo and MASAVA Body Lotion, both products intended for industries with strong smelling environments such as pig farmers, truck drivers transporting dead animals and the likes.

Use the shampoo for both hair and body. It effectively removes bad smells and cleans deep into the skin by opening up the skin pores.

Use the body lotion before going to work. It protects the skin from being, penetrated with bad odors.

New Masava Hand Gel

Good hand washing is like a "do-it-yourself" vaccine you can take to reduce the spread of infectious diseases like colds and flu. However hand washing only removes 80 % of the bacteria's and therefor it is a good idea to supplement with a good hand gel.

New Masava Hand Gel kills of any infection, is quick drying, doesn't grease and is moisturizing.

Good hand hygiene can protect you, your family, and others.

New labeling, danger signals, risk and safety phrases

New EU legislation changes the appearance of danger signals on our labels and MSDS.

Both the earlier used EU orange-colored danger signals and risk and safety phrases will from June 1st 2015 be globally harmonized.

The new rules can for some of our products mean a change on how they are hazardous without having changed anything in the formula. In addition, the new danger symbols change to white, black and red.

There will be a transitional period running between 1 June 2015 and 1 June 2017 where it will still be legal to sell and use products with old labels.

New Asthma and Allergy certifiered duvet and pillow washing liquid

24.3.2015 We are happy to inform customers that our feather duvet and pillow washing liquid has been certified by Asthma – Allergy Denmark

The feather duvet and pillow washing liquid is primarily sold, as private label products. 

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